There are four basic levels to the Esoteric Healing coursework.

Part 1 – “Introduction to Esoteric Healing”

This class is the first in a series of four classes that teach the principles and techniques of Esoteric Healing.  Esoteric Healing is a system of bringing balance and harmony to the whole person by working with the electromagnetic field of the body also called the Aura.  This energy field surrounds and permeates all life.  By using the anatomy of the physical body and the energy field, including the chakra system with its seven major centers, areas of constriction and blockage are identified and allowed to come into balance.

You will learn:

  • The basic knowledge of the constitution of the Human Being.
  • Increased awareness of the Soul, its purpose and activity in the individual and its place in the larger picture of Humanity.
  • Basic understanding of the Chakra System and how it influences you mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Appreciation of the importance of meditation, and specifically for healing facilitators.
  • Learn various easy forms of meditation.
  • Understanding of and the ability to work with Alignment and Atunement and the ability to work as part of a Healing Group.
  • Basic understanding of the Etheric Body.
  • And much, much more.

The course will be presented by Shauna Edmonds, LMT, CPEH

Shauna has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1992 and has studied Esoteric Healing since 2005.  She became a Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing through the National Association for Esoteric Healing in 2014.  Shauna has had a lifelong interest in metaphysics and began her studies of the human body and energy work in 1986.  She has an active practice in massage and Esoteric Healing incorporating the two as well as Ortho-bionomy and Cranial Sacral Therapy among others.  Her studies and other interests include Native American Medicine, Kabala and Astrology.


Registration Form – Part 1: Introduction to Esoteric Healing

November 2-5, 2018.   9:30 am to 6:00 pm



____$375.00  Early Registration Fee

____$400.00  Registration Fee

Cancellation Policy: Full refund minus $75.00 if cancellation received by October 25, 2018

No refunds after the class has started.

Location will be in DeSoto, TX.  Address will be given at time of registration.

Please contact Shauna Edmonds at 214-536-7460 for more information.

Part 2 – “The Art of Creative Living” will be offered after completing Part 1.

Part 3 – “The Bigger Picture” will be offered after completing Part 2.

Part 4 – “Synthesis” will be offered after completing Part 3.

Please contact Shauna for further information on classes.